Tips to Traveling with Young Children this Fall from Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President

October 7, 2014

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go wants to make family trips easy.

Traveling with your little ones can be easy with these tips.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President knows that fall family vacations will be the highlight for many people this year. However, those with young children should be prepared so that they can travel with ease when they go on their vacations. If you take some extra steps you and your kids will both be able to enjoy the perfect family vacation throughout the whole travel process. Here are some tips to help you plan and allow you all enjoy your vacation.

When you are flying with your infants be prepared. Their little ears are very sensitive to air pressure and if parents can bottle-feed them during take-off and landing, it sure will ease the pain of the air pressure on their sensitive ears.  Also having snacks and beverages on hand not only helps defuse a tantrum but, can save some money in expensive airport shops

If you plan on traveling near a holiday like Thanksgiving, get your accommodations in advance especially on a family vacation, as during the peak season it can become a problem to book in suitable accommodations. Moreover, you have to plan your sightseeing tours in such a way that your little ones do not tire out. A long sightseeing day is not always fun for young children and that makes it not fun for the parents. Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President says that integrating playtime during the day and planning structured activities and walking tours will keep these kids happy, energetic, and occupied. It is also important to plan rest times to let you and your kids both take a breather.

A Trip to Spokane, Washington Encouraged by Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go

October 7, 2014

The Washington Monument in Washington DC USA

The Washington Monument in Washington DC USA

A main outpost along the Pacific Northwest’s American-Canadian fur trade, Spokane is still inseparable from the environment that surrounds it. You are sure to find a classic example of the Washington-Idaho region’s historic beauty within the city’s environs and neighboring city C’oeur d’Alene.

With a blend of good people and great beauty, there’s a plethora of activity get involved in while visiting Spokane. Home to an astounding 18 National Register Historical Districts, Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President says that so much can be gleaned just by strolling through them. Riverside is synonymous with a revitalized downtown, sitting along the Spokane River and sheltering the historic Davenport Hotel, dozens of new urban housing developments, and the picturesque Monroe Street Bridge. Riverfront Park capitalizes on the glory of the Spokane River and Falls, offering several attractions including a SkyRide called “Over the Falls”, and many of the city’s large-scale events on its gorgeous green spaces.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President highly recommends a visit to Manito Park.  A solace from the hustle-and-bustle of city life, Manito offers refuge in the spans of greenery and botanical sights. For culture and arts lovers, one would be remiss to skip out on a show at the Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox. This centerpiece of the entertainment district opened in 1931 and still shows top acts within its art deco walls. Others will cherish a visit to the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture, an affiliate of the Smithsonian.

A Trip to San Francisco Revealed by Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President

September 29, 2014

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Recommends San Francisco

Enjoy the many beautiful offerings of San Francisco.

For anyone who values a diverse town with gorgeous weather and several fantastic sights to see, Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President knows that San Francisco is an ideal place to go. With the bay area offering several different shops, restaurants, and unforgettable sights to see, “San Fran” is an ideal location for a long vacation, or even for just a quick day trip, and here are just a few reasons why.

  1. The amount of diversity there creates an authentic cultural experience. With restaurants inspired by authentic, cultural cuisines as well as “towns” inspired by regions around the globe, the bay area of San Francisco offers a unique experience that will turn an ordinary trip into a cultural experience.
  2. It’s home to landmarks like the Golden Gate bridge, and Golden Gate Park. Jeanette Bunn knows that one popular activity is to bike across the Golden Gate bridge, experiencing the marvel of a man-made creation while also seeing the gorgeous view of the bay. Golden Gate Park offers 1,000 acres of lakes, museums, and monuments, ideal for the avid sight-seers, in the group. These two sights are a must-see if you’ll be visiting.
  3. The wharf is home to the freshest seafood and the most unique culinary experiences. For the foodies in the group, they’ll enjoy restaurants on the pier with locally caught seafood while getting a beautiful view of the bay area. It’s a perfect way to end the evening in the city by enjoying a delicious, authentic meal while enjoying a spectacular view.

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go Recommends Visiting Los Angeles, the City Of Angels

September 10, 2014

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Invites you to see L.A.

Disneyland is always a top attraction when visiting California

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go finds Los Angeles to be the home to the most richest and glamorous people in the world. People come to this city to fulfill their dreams and tourist and love to enjoy an experience of their lifetime. And the best thing is that to travel and enjoy a holiday in this great city you sure don’t need to pay big money.

There are many accommodating and cost effective travel packages available so that even the common folks can enjoy and make the most of their vacation right here in Los Angeles. Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go adores the top tourist attractions in L.A including the vibrant night life, World Class Museums, Fun Filled Disneyland, Hip-Hop Havens and the most enjoyable of all the Universal Studio. Plus its numerous art galleries and theaters along with its tantalizing food joints are enough to create memorable memories during your holiday. The trip to Disney World and Universal Studios is the most attractive part of enjoying a holiday in Los Angeles. Disney’s Magic kingdom keeps the little kids engrossed and the awe struck fans wander about waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrity and while touring around Universal Studios.

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go has witnessed numerous attractions in Los Angeles that really make your travel the best experience of your life. A visit to Los Angeles favorite theme park, Legoland is a must see attraction especially when you are traveling with you little kids as you just can’t overlook this facility. Kids love to enjoy the Roller Coaster ride and Rain Dance with their family and friends and enjoy the multitude of water activities and musical fountain entertainment found there.

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go recommends the tourists who want to have fun in the sun in Los Angeles to visit its Zune Beach. This beach is known for its peaceful ambiance, unexplored surrounding and white sands. The beauty and serene atmosphere lure the love birds to this hot spot destination where they can enjoy lovely weekend holidays. From Surfing to Boogie Board riding as these are real activities that keep you up and about.

How to Entertain Kids while Traveling from Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go

August 26, 2014

When you go on vacation, Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President knows that when you travel there are often long waits in the airport, on the plane or in the car. Older travelers who have traveled before have experience with dealing with long waits, and will have their books, movies, and music waiting. However. If you are traveling with kids, you may notice that they have a harder time entertaining themselves during waits. To help you make sure that kids can enjoy travel time as much as adults, here Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President suggests easy travel entertainment for kids.

  • Apps: There are many apps that can be downloaded for smartphones and tablets that are aimed toward younger users. These apps can be fun and educational so you can make sure that you kids have something that will stimulate their mind and imagination while they are passing wait time on a plane or in a car.
  • Bring along some toys: You kid will be happy traveling if they get to bring along some of their favorite entertainment. While you have baggage limitations when you travel by plane, if you are traveling by car, you can have each kid pack their favorite toys in a travel kit so that they have something to do on the road.
  • Games: If you want to really engage you child while they travel, try to have some games ready to play during long waits. These can be road games like I Spy and Name that Tune, or they can even be travel sized board games that you can set up and play together in the airport.

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